Get Ready - please read this thoroughly!

  • Use the Contact form or send an email to with your contact information, mailing address, phone number, and the full names, titles and email addresses of each person intending on participating in the training. Registration is necessary for all attendees, existing clients or otherwise, before 7/15/20.

  • Request a formal quote or invoice prior to 7/1/20. Payment should be mailed to Aventure Technology, Inc., 3870 Nature Trail, Reno NV 89511. Payments must be received by 7/31/20. Contact Destin if you have missed these deadlines - there may be a late registration fee of $150.

  • You must bring a Windows 10 laptop and mouse for use in the training. You will be provided with a pen, a notebook and other training supplies.

  • Since we will be using Microsoft Access 2019 in the training camp, make sure you have a licensed copy on your laptop (version 2016 or higher) prior to arriving. Make sure your laptop will work outside your office environment.

  • Training will take place between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm each day in the Event Center with ample time for a lunch break. We provide water and some other drinks but do bring snacks or anything else for fuel as you will engage in mind-penetrating material, using your concentration to the utmost!

  • Finally, decide and arrange for your transportation and lodging. The Access Training Camp will take place in South Lake Tahoe at the Hotel Azure, centrally located. The conference center is the corner building closest to Lake Tahoe Blvd., just across the driveway, west of the lobby. Use the Resources link for ideas and more information, and ask the lobby staff where the conference building is located if necessary.

  • Refunds are available if requested prior to 7/31/20 (no exceptions), and otherwise you will retain a credit to use for future attendance (up to 5 years from original conference date).

  • Bring your minds, not your conference attire! Yes, you may want to have some lite hiking clothing, boots or swimwear to take advantage of afternoon hiking and lake swimming, but for the training itself, dress as relaxed as you can.