The Alaska CMS Training - includes a full version of Tribal CMS Lite!

August 21-23, 2025

Come create your own Tribal Case Management System!

We are playing with the idea of developing
Tribal CMS Lite, a simplified version of our standard Tribal Case Management System, for a significant discount or even possibly free for tribal attendees. If your court doesn't use an existing service or product to manage your cases or if you are simply not satisfied with your existing software solution, you may want to consider this event. This training can be applied toward virtually any tribal department - tribal court, ICWA, child support, healing circle, probation, law enforcement, etc.

The Alaska CMS training will take place at a conference room in one of the major hotels in Anchorage, Alaska. Once details have been determined, we will update this site with all the relevant information, including links to maps and hotel contact information. Participants need to arrange their own transportation and lodging. Click on the Resources link for helpful information or contact us for logistical support.

The Alaska CMS training will take place from 8/21/2025 through 8/23/2025 (Wednesday - Friday). Classes will start at 9:00 am and finish at 4:30 pm, with a 90 minute break for lunch. The hotel desk can direct you to the training conference room.

The training fee is $2,250 per person and includes a master copy of Tribal CMS Lite. Instructions for registering are on the Register page, and registration must be requested by June 15, 2025. Payment must be received before July 1, 2025. Attendees need to provide their own transportation and lodging.

To register, send an email with "Registration - Alaska CMS Training" in the Subject line to with your full contact information, as well as the full names, titles and email addresses of each person attending the training. Registration is necessary for all attendees, existing clients or otherwise, before June 15, 2025. Upon receipt of the registration request, you will receive an invoice for your processing.

Payment can be mailed to Aventure Technology, Inc., 3870 Nature Trail, Reno NV 89511. Payment must be received before 7/1/2025. If your plans change, we provide a 3-year credit (not refund) for payments made toward future Level 2 training classes.

Bring a Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop and mouse. Make sure your laptop has Microsoft Access installed (version 2016 or higher). If your laptop has Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office Professional, then Access is already installed. Remember to bring a mouse - it is significantly easier to navigate the Access interface with a mouse instead of a touchpad. Also make sure that you can open Microsoft Access on your laptop, that it has been activated.

What makes this training different from our other trainings is that the attendees will receive a fully functional Tribal Case Management System called Tribal CMS Lite, the standalone version that can be added to a Windows workstation. Contact us for pricing on the full network version. If your computer does not have Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office Professional already installed, we will also make available for purchase a single-use, unexpiring license of Microsoft Office Professional that can be installed to one workstation or laptop.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need more information. Thanks so much for your interest - we are looking forward to seeing you at this special training!

Destin Richter
Aventure Technology, Inc.
IT Support & Database Design
505 450 9300 Cell