Special Microsoft Access Level 2 Training in Hawaii!

April 23rd-26th, 2024 (Tuesday - Friday)

Train in Beautiful Kihei on the island of Maui!

For those who have taken our Microsoft Access Base Camp, or those who have substantial experience with Microsoft Access, we offer a 4-day Level 2 Training that covers dozens of intermediate-to-advanced features to incorporate into your current system. Class time will run from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day with ample time for lunch. Space is limited to 12 participants for this special Hawaii training. Because of the nature of this special training, interested parties must register before 12/31/2023.

The Access Level 2 Training will take place at Maui Meeting Place, located at the corner of Lipoa St. and South Kihei Road. The address is 30 Lipoa St. #4106. Click here for a live Google Map. Parking is behind and along the building (see map below - parking is shown in lavender/light purple color). If you need more information, their number is 808-250-0776.

Depending on where you choose to stay in Maui, if you are in Kihei itself, the conference room will likely be less than 5-8 minutes away by car. If you are closer to the airport, plan on a 25 minute drive. Participants need to arrange their own transportation and lodging. Click on the
Resources link for helpful information or contact us for logistical support.

The Access Level 2 Training will take place from 4/23/2024 through 4/26/2024 (Tuesday - Friday). Classes start at 8:30 am and finish at 4:30 pm, with ample time for lunch.

The training fee is $1500 per person. Because of the expenses involved in putting on a training in Hawaii, we require payment prior to 2/1/2024. Attendees must provide for their own transportation and lodging (see the Lodging section below).

To register, send an email with "Registration - Level 2 in Hawaii" in the Subject line to with your full contact information, as well as the full names, titles and email addresses of each person attending the training. Registration is necessary for all attendees, existing clients or otherwise, before 12/31/2023.

Upon receipt of your email, an invoice/quote will be emailed back to you. Payment can be mailed to Aventure Technology, Inc., 3870 Nature Trail, Reno NV 89511. Payment must be received before 2/1/2024. If your plans change, we provide a 3-year credit (not refund) for payments made toward future Level 2 training classes.

Bring a Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop and mouse. Make sure your laptop has Microsoft Access installed (version 2016 or higher). If you need support for your specific CMS program during this training, make sure you have copied both the front-end and back-end files to your laptop. Remember to bring a mouse - it is not easy to navigate the Access interface with a touchpad.

Maui can be crazy expensive with typical hotel rooms starting well above $200/night, but both Airbnb & VRBO show prices under that, if you book early. I have used Airbnb & VRBO several times in the past, and it is very easy to use. If you decide to attend the training, I recommend you book as early as possible (in the coming months long before 2023 is over) to lock in your price and have a guaranteed room. Click on this AirBnB link as well as this VRBO link to see what is available and take action as soon as you can.

The island of Maui is a gorgeous place, with a large number of beautiful beaches, sea turtles commonly spotted swimming nearby, and ample day trips to explore the stunning landscape. It is a lifetime opportunity to visit this island! The mood is relaxed and everyone is generally in a great mood and friendly. Dress as you will - we are here to learn and enjoy! Shorts and t-shirts are absolutely fine. We will update the Resources page to help you identify places to visit and things to do each day after the training sessions end.

Some of the places we recommend visiting during your stay include:

Iao Valley This gorgeous valley boast tight, steep valley walls & green foliage with a river running through it. The walk from the parking lot isn't too long and provides superb views along the path. Approximately 30 minutes from Kihei.

Twin Falls Another stunning area with walking paths (between 5 and 45 minutes) along a river with several scenic waterfalls. You can swim and play in the water or just walk the path for as long as you want. On the Northwest section of Maui, the driving time is approximately 48 minutes from Kihei.

Haleakala A world-famous volcano that tops the eastern half of Maui, the drive up to Haleakala is incredibly scenic and shows the change in landscape as you ascend the mountain on a well-maintained road. The drive time is roughly 2 hours, give or take 15 minutes depending on how many stops you make, driving speed, whether or not it's clear or foggy, etc. It's a must-visit location. The landscape is described "rare and sacred" and nothing like what you may have seen anywhere else on the planet.

La Perouse Bay This area is near the lava fields that cover the southwestern edge of Maui. About 28 minutes south of Kihei, the drive first covers the beautiful resort area Maui is known for, then turns into a dirt road right just feet from a dramatic shoreline. You drive until you no longer can, parking on crumbled lava that acts as the parking lot, continuing to walk south along a path and admiring some amazing beach views. This is one of the most wild of the locations mentioned but as long as you have a hat or umbrella to guard against the sun, well worth the trip.

Kula Botanical Gardens This area runs along the road close to where you would continue if visiting Haleakala volcano. Kula is midway up the eastern half of Maui and often covered in fog as you ascend, allowing for amazing gardens and plant life. There is a fee of $10 to enter the gardens, and it's worth it! Beautiful bushes, trees and flowers abound, and given the elevation, quite cool compared to the beaches below. The Kula area has a few wonderful dining options so plan accordingly if you head up there - approximately 44 minutes from Kihei.
Maui is an extraordinary island, with many other places to consider visiting. I wanted to point out those that I enjoyed the most.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this special training!

Destin Richter
Aventure Technology, Inc.
IT Support & Database Design
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